Online Study

  • What You Will Learn

    Nail anatomy, diseases and disorders, infection control, occupational hazards, equipment and products, service protocols, e-file and hand filing techniques, application, tips and form application, fills and maintenance, nail bitters, and more.

  • Hands-On Experience

    Practical experience with assignments submitted through the online portal.

  • Mentoring

    One-on-one coaching during and after class from our certified educators.

  • Kit Included

    Included is a generous kit filled with everything you will need to complete this course and get started as a professional nail technician.

  • Duration

    This course is self-directed but 4-6 weeks can expected.

  • Recommended Supplies

    In addition to the kit, INT recommends the purchase of a professional electric file and practice hand. Can be purchased at the time of registration on the INT sales site.