• How do I register?

    At top of home page click on Register Now. Choose the course you wish to register in. Add to cart and pay. Once payment is processed you will receive confirmation of your purchase and login information. If you have registered for classroom studies, dates of classroom studies will be provided to you.

  • How do i access my classes?

    Once you are registered you will receive an email with your login information. You will be able to log into your student dashboard at www.intbeautyeducation.com.

  • What is a student dashboard

    The student dashboard is where you access all the courses you are enrolled in. You can also access our communities page here.

  • How do the classes work?

    The courses are broken down into chapters that you will work through. Chapters include easy to follow slide presentations, downloadable quick reference guides, step-by-step directions, demonstration videos from INT instructors, homework portals and quizzes. You can review as many times as needed. Particularly helpful for demonstrations by INT instructors.

  • How can i get practical knowledge in an online course?

    Great question. INT has worked hard to ensure you get the hands-on experience essential to thriving in the beauty industry. Each course will require homework. Homework will consist of practicum assignments where you will do services on friends and family. Before and after photos will be submitted to the portal. Your INT instructor will provide you with feedback as to the quality of your work, together with advice on how to improve your nail enhancement techniques.

  • How do i submit homework?

    Homework is submitted by dragging and dropping pictures into the course portal. Detailed instructions are provided n the course. Once submitted your INT Instructor will provide you with feedback. ie. quality of service and tips on how to improve.

  • How will I get my kit?

    As soon as registration is confirmed, Kit will be mailed to you via Canada Post. Alternate shipping methods are available by request.

  • Do I have to wait to get my kit before starting a course?

    No! you can start the course as soon as you receive your login information. INT recommends starting the online portion as soon as possible. Might as well get a head start on the course before your kit arrives.

  • What is included in the kit?

    Each course has a generous kit with full size containers of INT products and all the supplies needed to complete each course. Exception: Nail Enhancement courses, Gel & Acrylic, an electric file is recommended.

  • Do I need anything that is not included in the kit?

    We do recommend purchasing an electric file (e-file) and a practice hand. These and other products can be purchased at time of registration or may be purchased from the INT sales site once registered.

  • Do I need a desktop computer to do online training?

    No. you can access the courses on a desktop pc or mac, phone, or tablet. Take the classroom with you.

  • What if I am confused about something? How can I get help?

    You are never alone in this journey. Our instructors are here to help. You will be able to contact your instructor by texting, phoning or emailing. You will also have access to online forums and our communities (its like Facebook) where you can talk to your instructors and other students to share experiences.

  • How do I do the final exam?

    Once the online course is completed, including all homework, you will be able to schedule a final exam. Unless otherwise arranged, all final exams are conducted at the Edmonton, Alberta location. Exams are also available online via Zoom. Models are required. The final exam consists of a written portion (1 hour) and a practical portion (2 hours).

  • How long will I have to complete the course?

    Timelines vary depending on the course you are enrolled in, please refer to course descriptions. Most of our courses are expected to take 6-8 weeks to complete but you will have 6 months access to the online portal.